Why Invest In Montenegro?

Why Montenegro

Miniscule Montenegro packs a lot of beauty and adventure into its tiny borders. Montenegro is a Balkan country near Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania. Throughout this small country are rustic landscapes with towering mountains, stunning coastlines, and well-kept heritage sites. The Rivieras are famous destinations for several cruise ships and travelers.

Candidate For EU Membership

With most negotiation chapters open, and a likely candidate to meet the 2025 accession date suggested by the European Commission’s new 2018 enlargement strategy, Montenegro is in a leading position on its path towards EU accession, compared to the other five aspirants from the Western Balkans. In June 2017, the country also joined NATO, achieving another strategic foreign policy priority. Investors who get the residence permit before Montenegro joins the EU will avail the same rights after that.

Learn More About Montenegro

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Perfect Location

The central location of Montenegro enables the country to be reached within 1-2 hours flight from most European cities, it also accesses the perfect sea routes to get connected with the rest of the world. Besides the accessibility comfort, the location also allows the country to have a very appealing landscape full of stunning views such as the sea, mountains, lakes, islands and canyons.

Growing Tourism

Montenegro is among the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world and the only Mediterranean destination with a constant turnover growing trend. It holds the leading position in the region when it comes to the amount of foreign investment “per capita”. According to World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) long-term forecast, an average annual growth rate in tourism revenues of 6% is expected in the following 10 years.

Attractive Investment Opportunities

Montenegro has been using the Euro currency since 2002 and the economic growth declared to be an average of 3.4% since 2004. With many investment opportunities, Montenegro has an income tax rate of 9% and offers low rate advantages for new investing companies. Also, the same rights and terms are applied for companies held by Montenegro citizens and for foreign-held companies. Tourism and real estate are in the top industries and have indicated a large development drawing around 3.5 billion Euros to the economy in recent years.