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Incredible opportunity to own a luxury property in Montenegro from only 18.750 EUR with average %10 Annual Returns

Royal Blue Montenegro Luxury Serviced Apartments project is Montenegro’s first fractional ownership luxury property which offers an intelligent investment and accommodation option for those who require a flexible, cost and time-effective alternative for their second home ownership in Europe.

First Time In Montenegro

Can’t afford your dream holiday house or your future investment in Montenegro? With the new popular model of investment “Fractional Ownership”, this could be possible now.

    What Is Fractional Ownership?

    Fractional Ownership allows several buyers to conjointly purchase a private and usually luxury property such as holiday villas, apartments, houses, among others. It is shared ownership of the property; that should not be confused with the old “Time Share” model, which differs considerably in many essential aspects from Fractional Ownership

    Advantages of Fractional Ownership


    In comparison with the "Time Share" Model which only gives you the right to occupy a property for certain weeks of the year, Fractional Ownership is an excellent format that allows you to acquire part of a property title at a much cheaper cost than the whole property, and still you can use the property according to the amount of the share you have over the title deeds.


    You will still have the same rights as any other real estate purchaser. As the property grows in value, so does your share.


    If you, as a fractional owner, wish to sell your part, you can do it at anytime.

    Why Fractional Ownership is The Future of Investment?

    • Fractional Ownership is the right and wise option for those wanting to own luxury holiday homes, second houses, and or a new form of real estate investment with an affordable budget.
    • Whereas buying the whole property, with Fractional Ownership, you do not have to worry about the time you can not use the property anymore. Fractional Ownership allows you to co-own that dreamy property with others for a certain amount of time every year.
    • You will still have co-owner rights so you can sell your share whenever you need to.

    Even though the Fractional Ownership model initially started in the US, it is undeniable and inevitable that this type of ownership is spreading around the world and is significantly changing the market positively, especially after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

    Fractional Ownership model is considerably growing, and its trend will continue positively due to all the benefits it offers. After a recession, people are learning to spend their money more responsibly and wisely, and indeed, Fractional Ownership is an intelligent choice for real estate investments.

    Why Royal Blue Montenegro?

    With its 103 luxury units, 2 commercial units, and specially designed top-notch facilities, Royal Blue Montenegro has many advantages in terms of investment and quality life in the area. In addition to Royal Blue’s fantastic features, API Tour provides your home 24/7 professional rental service 365 days a year. In this way, it is possible to earn an average annual income of 9.25% by leaving only your key.

    Besides, our Zen Concept Management is specially created under the rental management to offer you an exotic hospitality, spa services, and relaxation inspired by Thai, Bali, and other Far East cultures. It provides all property owners and guests a fantastic experience which they cannot find anywhere else in Montenegro and region.

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